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Since version 6.8 NetBeans provides annotations to simplify various NetBeans platform API usages. So you can register a ServiceProvider and the build process generates the proper META-INF/service entry. Other annotations are capable of generating layer file entries. So far this didn't work in Maven based project due to MCOMPILER-98 bug of the maven-compiler-plugin. The issue is fixed now, but it will take time to propagate into a released version of the compiler plugin. Here is how to enable it in your Apache Maven projects now.

Open your netbeans module project pom.xml file (or the parent pom of your module projects to configure all modules)
and add the following maven-compiler-plugin configuration:


Since you are depending on unreleased snapshots, a snapshot repository declaration pointing to Plexus snapshot repository is necessary.

Afterward you are ready to use the annotations in NetBeans APIs. Enjoy!

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Just a quick heads-up! is back online, and will be actively maintained.

If you spot any spam, please shoot an email to so we can deal with it appropriately. akismet is protecting new comments, but there are quite a few old comments hidden through the site.

If you need a blog account, then just shoot an email to support@ - let us know which project / user it's for and we'll take care of the rest.

I'm playing with Sun's OpenMQ. The Java-based installer made me fairly skeptical (c'mon guys... tar zxf...) but boy howdy! so far, utterly rock solid. After my pitched, losing battles with SpiritWave in the 2001-2003 timeframe, I'm fairly skittish and approaching this project at Gilt with caution.

So far though...

(Yes, I tried ActiveMQ as that would be my first choice due to the utterly irrational reason of tribal affiliation, but I've managed to lock the ActiveMQ broker up fairly easily with a simple stress test, and waiting to hear back on the user list regarding what I did wrong. So while I'm waiting, I'll play with OpenMQ and try not to fall in love.)

"Frank Rich is off today"

Click click click - Geir's Blog

I'm going to bring a clicker to the next conference I go to an sit and click in random bursts. When people complain, and they will, I'll ask why they accept noisy typists..

Rubyconf, QCon and Dreamforce - Geir's Blog

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In SF for a few days, originally to go to Rubyconf with the Gilt team, but am playing hooky to spend the day at QCon with "my people". (It's amazing how rich they manage to make the QCon agenda every time... that's not a statement about Rubyconf - they are two different beasties...)

Despite coming here and working (remotely) here for years, I'm always amazed how rich the Bay Area is for tech acrivity - walking to QCon this morning, I noticed that there's also "Dreamforce", the Salesforce conference, going on at the same time. I suspect that there's no overlap in attendees for all three (except me, I guess).

Listening to Kresten talk about his Erlang implementation on the JVM. JErlang?

Pitch-perfect-brilliant - Geir's Blog

| 1 Comment Stay with it. It's refreshingly clear, persuasive and very well written.

IDEA and open source - Geir's Blog

Jetbrains just announced that my favorite IDE - IDEA - is now going to have an open-source version. That's great.

The interesting question is why are they doing this? Those of us that use IDEA, love IDEA. I've read some discussion about this (Cedric thinks they're doomed, Ceki isn't so certain) so I'll chime in - I think that this is less about the Java IDE, but more about broadening the product line and putting limited resources towards that goal.

I think there are a few things to consider. First, Jetbrains makes products that don't suck so they have a reasonable chance of bringing this non-suckage to other markets other than Java. IDEA IMO has long been the gold standard for what a Java IDE should be, and while I keep trying to switch to Eclipse, I always seem to come running back. Second, I think the tools market must be a really tough place to play so if you are in that space, you need to keep product lines fresh and relevant. (Borland who?) Third, while I think that Java is probably the best all-around platform for serious business system development, other things, like Ruby on Rails and PHP, really have momentum and mindshare when it comes to basic website development, and that's a huge market. And now having spent about 6 months actively working in a Rails shop, it's clear to me there are lots of things an experienced Java tool vendor can bring to the Ruby market.

Re the last point, clearly Jebrains isn't afraid to do this. They have had products for the .NET community for some time (Resharper which fixes Visual Studio's primitive refactoring support as well as a .NET profiler), build tools (TeamCity), a new bug tracker and RubyMine, an IDE for Ruby (I've used the Ruby support in IDEA and like it). I also just noticed they have a "Web and PHP IDE Preview" up on their site.

So color me hopeful - this isn't a move of desperation by a struggling company, but rather a tactical step to support a longer term strategy that broadens their product line and user base. Those of us that are IDEA fanbois aren't going to go away - I'll still get the Ulitmate edition (ok - so they aren't so good at naming...). But I know a lot of Ruby developers that could use some "surprise and delight" from Jetbrains...

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